Island vil (gen)skabe sikker e-mail

Du kan støtte projektet, der er crowdfundet! Mere om det her: Mailpile is written by a small team of open source veterans and privacy advocates, based in Reykjavík, Iceland. We believe the world needs a better free software web-mail solution.
Edward Snowden’s recent leaks were a wake-up call, confirming what many had long suspected, that the troves of e-mail stored on our behalf by Google, Microsoft and others are irresistable targets for those who would like to invade our privacy, be they criminals or overzealous government organizations like the NSA.
These companies base their businesses on controlling our data and communications and are never going to do the one thing that would protect our mail from the snoops: encrypt it. So, if we want to take control of our e-mail, if we want privacy and encryption, we have to do it ourselves.
Mailpile is free software, a web-mail program that you run on your own computer, so your data stays under your control. Because it is free software (a.k.a. open source), you can look under the hood and see how it works, or even modify it to make it better suit your particular needs. Mailpile is designed for speed and vast amounts of e-mail, it is flexible and themeable and has support for strong encryption built in from the very start.

We need your help to make it a reality!’