DAMD rammer EU: 1984 for Patient-Data

Euroscience skriver onsdag den 25.3.2005 om DAMD:

‘Consider the following scenario: You feel a little tired and unfit and you decide to have a talk with your doctor. During the talk, you mention your high consumption of alcohol, your erection problems – along with your personal problems with your wife – and your financial issues. After the talk, the doctor makes notes, recording key problems from the conversation. Then she recommends a blood test and she prescribes some medicine. All this information including the health data, the intimate personal problems, the social references together with the results of your blood tests and all prescribed medicines over the past seven years have been sent to a database and stored under your unique personal identity number. Neither you, nor your doctor, are aware of the way your data has been handled’

Read more: http://www.euroscientist.com/one-step-too-far-for-danish-legendary-transparency/#ixzz3VR6zvwEB
Artiklen henviser iøvrigt til Kulturminister Marianne Jelveds interview med aflyttet på radio24syv – ligger her som podcast/download:

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