Snowden på Reddit: Overvågning er regeringernes sidste chance

Ovenpå uddelingen af en Oscar til CITIZENFOUR deltog Edward Snowden, instruktør Laura Poitras og journalist Glen Greenwald i en AMA(Ask Me Anything) på det sociale site reddit.
Een spurgte ham, om han han troede, de fleste alligevel var ligeglade med deres privatliv?
Han svarede – og læs det hele:
‘To answer the question, I don’t. Poll after poll is confirming that, contrary to what we tend to think, people not only care, they care a lot. The problem is we feel disempowered. We feel like we can’t do anything about it, so we may as well not try.

It’s going to be a long process, but that’s starting to change. The technical community (and a special shoutout to every underpaid and overworked student out there working on this — you are the noble Atlas lifting up the globe in our wildly inequitable current system) is in a lot of way left holding the bag on this one by virtue of the nature of the problems, but that’s not all bad. 2013, for a lot of engineers and researchers, was a kind of atomic moment for computer science. Much like physics post-Manhattan project, an entire field of research that was broadly apolitical realized that work intended to improve the human condition could also be subverted to degrade it.

Politicians and the powerful have indeed got a hell of a head start on us, but equality of awareness is a powerful equalizer. In almost every jurisdiction you see officials scrambling to grab for new surveillance powers now not because they think they’re necessary — even government reports say mass surveillance doesn’t work — but because they think it’s their last chance.

Maybe I’m an idealist, but I think they’re right. In twenty years’ time, the paradigm of digital communications will have changed entirely, and so too with the norms of mass surveillance.’

Søndag nat vandt filmen om ham, CITIZENFOUR en oscar for bedste dokumentarfilm.
I den anledning genudsender vi interviewet med instruktør og journalist Laura Poitras fra november 2014, hvor hun besøgte København.